MaryAnn is the best by far. If you’re someone who knows absolutely nothing about home buying and don’t have a lot of time – this is your girl! I’m an ER RN on night shift with two jobs, so I don’t have a lot of time and especially not “business hours” time. She was always available to me and responses were quick and informative. She’s invested, honest, dedicated and sincere, which are qualities that are important to me. Most importantly, we closed in like 30 days! Who does that?!? MaryAnn does! I am not a patient person, but she moves FAST, even for me. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better experience. When people tell stories of buying homes, MINE is the only one that’s NOT a total horror story. Use her, you won’t regret it!
– Cecila F.

Our home buying experience was an absolute breeze, thanks to MaryAnn. She was so patient and always made us feel, quite frankly, like family. She responded to EVERY email within the day, often after business hours, and never made us feel like less than her number one priority. I will always recommend her and we are so thankful that we got to work with her through this milestone in our lives!
– Kelsey G.

MaryAnn was amazing! My family had lived in our previous home for 11 years, so when it came to financing a new home we were a little apprehensive. MaryAnn was very professional and personable. She answered every question we had (no matter how small) in a very prompt manner. Every step of the process was fully disclosed to us, and we never felt confused or left out in the cold. At closing, she was there with a genuine smile on her face. She was truly happy that our family had found a new home that we love! I would recommend working with MaryAnn to anyone looking to purchase a new home!
– Rachel C.

MaryAnn went above and beyond to make sure that our loan process was efficient and smooth. She was extremely communicative, up front and professional every step of the way. I knew I did not have to worry about anything with MaryAnn as our lender. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home!
– Whitney R.

MaryAnn really worked hard for us – completing documents over weekends and keeping us posted on all questions regarding the mortgage application and approval process right up to and including closing. She was a pleasure to work with and we recommend her highly. We would definitely use her again for any of our mortgage needs.
– Tom D.

MaryAnn is a superb example of professionalism. She provides accurate, reliable and transparent information in a timely fashion. We knew we were interacting with someone who treated us as valuable customers rather than documents. MaryAnn made our home buying experience pleasurable and painless!
– Cherry W.

We have worked with MaryAnn since 2002, and just completed our third closing with her. As always, everything went smoothly. We continue to go back to her because she is a true professional and wonderful person! This time we needed a quick close and were able to get it done with her outstanding communication and response time. MaryAnn and her team are the best!
– Cathy W.

MaryAnn was the best decision we made during this whole process! She was available basically 24/7 through email, met with us in person to decrease our anxiety about buying a house, and even contacted the sellers of the house we ended up buying to assure them that we could afford their house! I also love how she collects all our info in detail up front, which lessens the chance of a delayed closing. To sum it up . . . she was amazing!
– Shanna H.

MaryAnn was very professional and considerate from the start. I was a new home buyer and was not familiar with the process or any of the information that was required. She was very patient with me and answered every question I had in a timely manner. She was easy to personalize with and made my experience light hearted, even with all the issues that occurred in the process. I would definitely recommended MaryAnn as your lender. She was prompt in providing me with all the documentation and approvals that I needed before I needed them. She would even make herself available on weekends when I needed to make a last-minute offer. Thanks again, MaryAnn, for the understanding and smooth process for my first time purchasing a home.
– Erika P.

MaryAnn was phenomenal and defines the true meaning of full service. Everything [was] treated with a sense of urgency and in a manner that made the entire process so easy for us. From home warranty recommendations to homeowners’ insurance referrals, we didn’t have to do much on our end. It truly felt as though she served everything up on a silver platter. MaryAnn, we cannot thank you enough and were so happy to have you there with us as we begin the next chapter.
– Chasity T.